Close More Loans And Reduce Origination Costs

Your servicing data is an untapped golden opportunity. Ardley helps you mine it.

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Why Ardley

Make Every Offer Count

This first of its kind Actionable Data Intelligence (ADI) platform. Enables servicers to better serve their borrowers

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Increased cost to originate
The cost to originate has increased by 55%+ in the last decade to over $11,000 per loan
Shrinking margins
Margin compression has reduced profitability by 45% year over year
Market volatility
Market-driven interest rate volatility disrupts business operations and product mix
Borrowers left behind
Small-balance loans are ignored in the commission-driven legacy lending model - leaving money on the table for lenders and limiting opportunities for borrowers
Complex and stressful application
Tedious, form-heavy application process leads to borrower drop-off
Platform Architecture
Our purpose-built platform is secure and compliant with hyperscale performance.
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What We Offer
Break through by breaking the legacy lending cycle
Lower cost to originate from traditional channels
Loan types
Loan officer time savings vs. legacy lending model
Use Cases
Keep Existing Customers and Engage New Ones
We are a dedicated source of revenue for our customers offering flexible, scalable products.
RETAIN mortgage servicing customers
Automate borrower retention and capture latent purchase leads early
CROSS-SELL mortgage and home equity to depository consumers
Leverage captive customer data to win a larger share of your customers
ATTRACT new borrowers
Increase customer ability to drive new business using captive data and customer underwriting rules
REPAIR non-performing loans and portfolios
Enhance execution channel for non-performing loans (NPLs) and reperforming loans (RPLs)
Don’t Take Our Word For it
Top industry leaders are realizing the Ardley impact
Ardley flips the mortgage process on its head, giving the borrower details upfront and improving transparency
Product Manager
Top 20 Mortgage Servicer
We’re all in on Ardley. With Ardley, we can quickly enter and exit changing markets.
Head of Mortgage Sales
Top 50 Servicer
This is a no-brainer for our portfolio
Chief Investment Officer
Large Asset Manager
How it Works
Integration and Operation
We leverage captive borrower data to identify, structure and deliver loan offers directly to consumers
API connections to your existing tech stack to leverage captive borrower data
Servicing Core
Proprietary engine structures real offers across loan types
Home Equity Loan
Automated marketing through an omnichannel approach
Loan Officers
Mortgage Servicing Portal
Mobile Banking
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More Information
How long does it take to integrate?
You’ll be up and running with Ardley in a matter of weeks. The Ardley platform isn’t rip-and-replace - it works with your existing tech stack. We offer a quick, simple, cloud-based integration.
How are you different from our point-of-sale?
We automate deal flow and offer delivery by mining your existing data. This means what a buyer sees in initial marketing is virtually identical to their final loan terms. These offers are generated prior to digital URLA collection, improving borrower experience through increased transparency and a streamlined application process. Our platform can integrate with your existing POS or run as a separate line of business using our customizable digital application.
How do we know our data is secure?
Keeping your data secure and private is a top priority at Ardley. We follow global security and privacy principles in the design of our products that safeguard your data. We hold a SOC 2 Type II report and have a shared security model with US-only AWS regions.
What is your software pricing?
Our enterprise pricing is primarily success-based, meaning we win when  you win.
Is Ardley a lender?
No. Ardley is a white-labeled technology solution used by loan originators.
Respond real-time to  market shifts
Learn how to support intraday rate changes using live rates sheets, fees, and LLPAs to seamlessly pivot between mortgage products. Ardley is built to perform in any interest rate environment without disrupting deal flow.
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