Building Trust Through Security

The security of your borrower’s data is at the center of Ardley’s operations.

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Certifications and Attestations
Ardley is regularly audited by third-party organizations to ensure compliance with the highest industry security standards and controls.
Our Security Assurance
Dedicated Team
Ardley’s Information Security Team (IST) consisting of cross -functional management is dedicated to ensuring the monitoring and compliance of our policies and controls.
Risk Management
Ardley identifies, analyzes, and mitigates risk as the basis of our information security. Policies, controls, and personnel training are implemented and monitored to safeguard our operations and customer data.
Data Encryption & Hosting
Ardley utilizes end-to-end data encryption both at rest and in flight. As a multi-tenant application hosted by Amazon Web Services US-Regions, our customers receive private platform tenants that are inaccessible to other tenants.
Vendor Management
Ardley regularly reviews third-party vendors to verify their compliance with our policies and controls.
People Security
Ardley personnel are all US-based and complete annual security awareness training and security policy acknowledgment. Additionally, we regularly perform internal audits of policy compliance.
Penetration Testing
Ardley performs annual external penetration tests and consistent vulnerability scanning. All issues identified are immediately analyzed and mitigated.
Respond real-time to  market shifts
While the mortgage market encounters volatility through natural rate cycles, learn how to pivot between mortgage products without disrupting lead generation.
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